Evaluation of Strategic Lines of Business

An advisor's choice and ultimately the decision of what type of retirement lines of business to enter, develop and/or retain is critical to a successful outcome. Such marketplace areas as 401(k), 403(b), and Cash Balance plans are all potentially attractive but at what learning curve and resource cost?

APG has diverse core competency in these areas that is rooted not only from a granular technical perspective but a deep understanding and appreciation from a global marketplace impact. This unique perspective allows us to guide our advisor partners in developing key strategies to penetrate new markets that may compli- ment existing lines of business. For example, when the government creates new regulations, the outcome is often opportunities in new lines of business. We see countless examples regarding Cash Balance regulations, new 403(b) fiduciary regu- lations and DOL fee disclosure rules. We provide clear concise information so our advisor partners can quickly ascertain the opportunity and decide whether this is going to be a profitable venture for them.

APG's evaluation resources cover a wide array of services to either help our advisor partners penetrate new markets or effectively retain existing ones. Our in-depth services include:

  • Evaluate and quantify resources necessary to be successful and effective

  • Help define the service model needed as Plan Sponsor deliverables

  • Assist in the analysis regarding complimentary business lines

  • Provide the in-depth due diligence necessary regarding key recordkeeper platforms

  • Analyze opportunities resulting from regulatory changes

  • Describe, analyze and evaluate successful competitive service models

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