Drafting/Revision of Marketing Policy Statements (MPS)

A logical continuance of the Business Policy Statement (BPS) is the development of a marketing plan and strategy. This can be accomplished through the assistance of APG with regard to the creation of a Marketing Policy Statement (MPS). With APG's expansive marketing penetration and base, we are in a fortunate position to directly and positively impact our advisor partners' marketing efforts and outcomes, ranging from strategic thinking to technical support at point of sale.

The MPS formulates a written and ongoing framework of your firm's marketing strategy. This detailed structure outlines and monitors the channels of distribution your organization will pursue to maximize successful sales outcomes. This vetting process critically examines and analyzes traditional broad-based sources such as cold calling or IRS Form 5500 lead generation services versus more targeted specific content approaches such as seminars and webinars. In addition, this critical working document identifies establishing nontraditional marketing partnerships such as CPA audit firms and ERISA attorneys and helps determine whether these avenues will be profitable. The MPS also identifies the resources necessary to successfully execute the strategy and how to develop key partnerships with recordkeepers and fund companies to assist in the cost of implementation.

Lastly, this framework accomplishes the goal of identifying key industries and markets to focus your efforts. It critically examines the needs and resources of a specific industry and what their unique and respective characteristics and drivers are. For example, the MPS diagnostics would illustrate the correct marketing approach and requisite resources of the nonprofit 403(b) marketplace versus the for profit 401(k) corporate market. Such key indicators as the degree of saturation, maturation and profit margin are all clearly defined to create the highest probability of a successful outcome!

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